Brancaia is a winery situated in Chianti, born only in 1981, able in a few years to become one of the most appreciated and respected wineries in Italy and around the world. Just in 1983, the Brancaia Chianti won first place in a great tasting, confirming the great ability and character of this highly innovative company. It then rapidly gained international recognition.

This lead to a continuous extension of the activities resulting in purchasing the Poppi estate (Radda in Chianti) in 1989, followed in 1998 by the founding of Brancaia in Maremma, only 10km from the Mediterranean coastline.

Today BRANCAIA is one of Tuscany’s leading wineries, receiving important national and international awards every year. The wines are successfully sold worldwide

In fact, Brancaia had the merit of immediately connect his name to a concept of excellence, quality and value, focusing on innovation and courage to better promote their beliefs. Only in this way can become a point of reference without having decades of history behind. Only in this way it is possible to win the accolades of experts and appreciation to all lovers of good wine. Only in this way it is possible to reach the deserved success that Brancaia collects year after year.

“At the core of our thoughts and actions are achieving uncompromising quality and maximum drinking pleasure for wine lovers” reads the winery’s wine-making philosophy reassuring its success.