The origins of the Damilano family company dates back to over a century ago, when Guiseppe Borgogno, the great-grandfather of the current owners, began growing and making wine from his own grapes. This tradition was inherited by Giacomo Damilano, the founder’s son-in-law, together with his children, until it was passed on to his 4 grandchildren, who very attentively manage their forefathers’ land today. The upright winemaking style and the estate are widely appreciated due to the strictness and passion that accompany all of the company’s activities.

The vineyards, located at the most famous crus of the Langa region are almost entirely cultivated with Nebbiolo da Barolo, and to a lesser extent, with Dolcetto and Barbera varietals. As one of few traditional, ancient, ultra-centenary Barolo wine makers, the family has been active since 1890.

The winery – well-visible as you drive along the local road Alba-Barolo had experienced a significant restoration, which now boasts a modern and functional structure. Undeniably it is a pleasure to admire the surrounding Langhe area, famous worldwide not only for its food and wine tradition, but also in the capacity as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its vineyard landscape.

The secret to high quality lays in the grapes destined to become Damilano wines. The grapes are cultivated in prestigious and select vineyards that the company looks after with the same attention and respect as the winery’s founders, as well as the skills of modern winemaking in order to pursue the highest quality.