In 1990, Olivier Leflaive was given the reins of the Domaine Leflaive estate, alongside his cousin Anne Claude Leflaive. He was co-manager of Domaine Leflaive with his uncle Vincent from 1982-1990, and with Anne-Claude from 1990-1994, by which time the négociant business, which he had started in 1985 in order to have some wines to play with outside Puligny-Montrachet, had really blossomed. It was time, in the interests of both parts, to withdraw from the domaine and concentrate on Olivier Leflaive Frères. He employed the talented Jean-Marc Boillot as winemaker and initially had no vineyards and bought in grapes from selected growers.
“I’d rather have been an artist,” said Olivier who love music and worked in both TV and radio. With his degree under his belt, Olivier has no qualms about trading a brilliant career for a bohemian existence in Paris, dashing his father’s hopes for his son by pursuing his passion for music.
After making the winery successful, Olivier decides to retire, but still retains very close links to the company, remaining the flag bearer.
The house produces a wide range of wines predominantly from the Chardonnay grape variety, from both village- and region-level appellations, and from some of Burgundy’s most famous vineyards, including Le Montrachet.
Today, Olivier Leflaive has 17 hectares (42 acres) of estate vines, as well as approximately 100ha (247 acres) of growers’ vines. These are spread across the Côte de Beaune, Côte Châlonnaise, and Chablis, although the most important holdings are in Meursault and Chassagne-Montrachet.