CONTI ZECCA Donna Marzia Primitivo 2013

CONTI ZECCA Donna Marzia Primitivo 2018

  • 13.5 - 14.5% abv 750ml

    Country: Italy > Puglia
    Winery: CONTI ZECCA
    Grape Varietal: Primitivo (Zinfandel)




    This winery dates back to the 16th century, when the noble Neapolitan family Zecca moved to Puglia. Located in Leverano, Italy, the family’s four estates cover 320 hectares of vineyards. They focus on producing exceptional quality wines, ensuring that at every stage of the production, care is taken to produce consistently award-winning wines. Their agronomic techniques aim at protecting the environment and saving water and energy.
    The grape variety used to make this wine is Primitivo, a dark-skinned known for producing incky, tannic wines. A classic Primitivo wine is high in both alcohol and tannins, intensely flavored and deeply colored. So, this wine has an inky-ruby color. On the nose comes cassis, strawberry, roasted coffee and sexy woodsmoke. Ripe cherries and blueberries, herbal notes and a strong, metallic impression is appealing, savory and sweet. Fruity and full bodied with mild acidity and ripe tannins.
    The finish is a nice long one. It goes perfectly well with rich first courses, red meat in general and mature cheese. This is one of the most popular wines from the region and you pick one due to unbeatable price to performance ratio.


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