KOTSUZUMI Rojoh-Hana-Ari Tohka

小鼓 路上有花 桃花 KOTSUZUMI Rojoh-Hana-Ari Tohka 720ml





受賞歴:iTQi 優秀味覚賞3つ星(Y2014)、ロンドン酒チャレンジ 銀賞(Y2014)

A mellow taste brewed by using Ogawa Kobo Yeast No.10 can bring out not only the flavor of Japanese food but also all kinds of food flavor . Fresh pear and peach on the light and fruity nose, followed by a big and vivid body creamy & bright mellow sweetness. Record of Awards: iTQi-3 Star Superior Taste Award (2014), London SAKE Challenge- SilverMedal (2014-2015)

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