小鼓 花吹雪 純米吟醸 KOTSUZUMI Shower of blossom / Hanafubuki Junmai-Ginjo





‘刺身、寿司、酢の物などの繊細な和食と一緒にお飲み下さい。スッとはいるとても繊細な日本酒はとても料理を邪魔しません。冷・常温・ぬる燗といった温度の違いで変わる味わいもお愉しみ下さい。受賞歴:インターナショナル酒チャレンジ トロフィー(Y2014)、ロンドン酒チャレンジ 銀賞(Y2014) 。2015年全米日本酒歓評会シルバーメダル受賞。

Please relish it with delicate Japanese dish such as sashimi, sushi, vinegared dish, etc. Also, do not forget to enjoy the various flavor by changing a serving temperature: chilled, room temperature and warmed. A restrained and versatile sake that begins with a delicate light nose of melon rind and young green fruit, light texture create a balanced, transcendent sake. Record of awards: International SAKE Challenge-Trophy (2014), London SAKE Challenge- Silver Medal (2014) Bronze Medal (2015). U.S. National Sake Appraisal Silver 2015

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